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The Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of Parliament, Canada’s Ambassador to China, the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, and/or Canada’s Offices to the United Nations, in support of Huseyin Celil and The Uyghurs.


Send An Email To…

The Honourable Prime Minister

The top elected official of Canada, the Honourable Justin Trudeau should be aware of Huseyin’s case and raise it to Chinese officials. Huseyin is a Canadian and should legally receive Canadian consular access.

The Privy Council Office (PCO) supports the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Send an email to the PCO and remind them of Huseyin. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Send an email to Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Marc Garneau. Kindly remind Marc about Huseyin’s case and the need to fight for his release and return to Canada. Click Here To Find Marc’s Contact Information.

Your Member of Parliament

Mail your Member of Parliament and let them know (or remind them) about Huseyin Celil case. Huseyin needs the support of elected officials to spread awareness across all levels of government. They are our allies and should help bring Huseyin back to Canada. Click HERE to find your Member of Parliament. 

Canada's Ambassador To China

Dominic Barton is the Ambassador of Canada to the People’s Republic of China. You can send an email to The Embassy of Canada to China – Beijing (Public Affairs) at

Embassy of Canada - Beijing

Send an email to the Embassy of Canada in Beijing which deals with consular assistance. Email them at:

Canada's Offices to the United Nations

Send an email to Canada’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York office at and/or to the Consular Department at

Email Template

STEP #1: Select the recipient(s) of the email.

STEP #2: Write a respectful email or use the following template:

Dear [Recipient]

It has been 15 years since Huseyin Celil, an ethnic Uyghur and Canadian citizen, was arrested in Uzbekistan and handed over to China. Since then, Canada has not been able to gain consular access or information on Huseyin’s whereabouts and well being because China does not recognize him as a Canadian citizen. 

Canada cannot let China decide who is a Canadian. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously said “A Canadian. Is a Canadian. Is a Canadian.”

As a proud Uyghur and Canadian, Huseyin has advocated for his community long before the international community realized the genocide that is currently happening against the Uyghurs. Huseyin’s detainment and trial was farcical. He was held in secrecy without access to a lawyer, his family, or Canadian officials. His only charge was being an Uyghur.

Huseyin has had to endure many human rights violations including: 

  • no access to a lawyer, his family, or Canadian officials 
  • denied his Canadian citizenship
  • torture
  • forced confessions
  • charged on heinous charges: he was detained and imprisoned because he is a Uyghur 
  • solitary confinement
  • re-education program (negative psychological effects)
    • freedom of belief, thought, expression, and religion have been violated

Huseyin’s wife, Kamila, and their 4 children who live in Ontario, have not seen him for 15 years. Huseyin was very much involved in his old and new community, a testament to his good character.

We urge the Canadian government to continue to fight for Huseyin Celil and on behalf of the Uyghur community. We ask the Canadian government to call for the immediate release of Huseyin Celil whether through a special envoy or a different means. 15 years is long overdue. 

Thank you,

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